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A new lab and mold refurbishing centre for SIPA in Atlanta

SIPA is steadily building up its technical support activities for the North American market.
Back in 2012, the American branch of SIPA located in Atlanta, GA. moved into a larger and better equipped site for sales and tech support. Right from the beginning, the center was equipped with an enlarged spare parts warehouse and staffed with a skilled sales and service team, including key account managers, a technical help desk, process specialists and service engineers. In recent months, SIPA has been ramping up its activities with mold refurbishments.

The Team has been busy building a unit cavity development center with a lab machine. The center will be capable of supporting the activities of refurbishments of any type of molds. “The idea of building the lab as a “bottle development center” came in response to the increasingly steady demand of North American Customers to a have local support and assistance with their development and testing of new containers,” says Morris De Marchi at SIPA North America. SIPA’s ‘better bottle’ development helps customers achieve their goals for market appeal and functionality while reducing risks and costs, he notes.

The mold refurbishment center is already providing an important addition to the company’s range of customer services, says Morris. “North American customers are looking for a reliable and competent supplier for this type of service, able to provide them with a highly cost-effective way of maintaining their production quality and efficiency by preserving the life of key assets and investments. The goal is to create trusting, long-term relationships with new and existing Customers.

Like any other SIPA refurbishment hub around the world, SIPA N.A. can refurbish hot halves and cold halves of molds made by any major mold manufacturer, not just by SIPA. “We have already refurbished more than 15 molds covering a range of cavitations from 10 to 192 cavities,” says De Marchi.

North American customers will benefit from LCS, SIPA’s Life Cycle Service for PET bottle preform injection molds. This is a comprehensive package of services aimed to increase the overall effectiveness of their operations, through such activities as improving the reliability and availability of equipment, analyzing productivity and parts quality, improving personnel performance, and collaborating on planning.
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