Integrated Linear Blowing / Filling / Capping System for PET containers

Sincro Bloc is a compact integrated linear system for high speed linear blowing/filling/capping. The system guarantees high quality standard and output up to 12,000 bottles/hour.
These systems combines the highest output today in the market with the maximum container quality keeping reduced footprint, simplicity and hygiene.
All these features and advantages make Sincro Bloc one of the best solutions both in terms of capex and as a guarantee of general TCO reduction. 
Brings together all the advantages of a Sincro connection with the versatility of the SFL Linear blower range.


  • Costs reduction:
    • Reduced operators number.
    • Lower TCO of the SFL linear blower compared to rotary competitors.
    • No air conveyors: less energy consumption and no filter costs
    • No rinser: less water and energy consumption.
    • Elimination of maintenance costs and change over times for the air conveyors.
  • Ideal solution for lightweight bottles.
  • Hygiene: a preform treatment system, the short connection between blowing and filling, the over-pressured environment are guarantee of high hygiene level.
  • Extreme operating flexibility: bottle up to 20L and neck finish up to 48 mm.
  • Space saving and ergonomics: extreme compactness. Only one operator controls the whole system.
Sincro Bloc L

Integrated blowing -filling solutions for still mineral water. Integration of our SFL Linera Blower with the Bigfill the volumetric electronic gravity filler for big size bottle.

Stretch-blowing - 2
  • Flexibility. With a simple conversion, the same unit can produce standard and hot fill containers.
  • Higher outputs: 1,800 bottle per hour per cavity.
  • Fully electric machine (no oil)
  • Preforms ventilationsystem with laminar flow (sipa patent). No turbulence
  • Low thermal inertia: higher heating process consistency and fast start-up
  • Modular owen
  • High standardization
  • Bottle volume from 200 ml up to 12 liters
  • neck finish form 26mm to 48 mm

Transfer module
Transfer module - 2
Sipa Patented sincro connection to convert linear discharge of the blower to the feeding starwheel of the rotary filler:
  • Bottles are discharged from the SFL blower by the linear transfer unit equipped with spindles and controlled by brushless motor (standard machine).
  • Two similar linear transfer units positioned one in front of the other slide alternatively to pick up one batch of bottles and release them one by one to the 1° filler starwheel without changing the pitch.

Main features:

  • Great flexibility: it can handle bottles of all shapes.
  • Body guides are no longer necessary meaning a drastic reduction in change-over downtimes.
  • Overpressure system: the separation between the dry zone air (blowmolder) and wet zone air (filler) is assured.

Filling - 2
The complete range of fillers can be matched with the linear blowmolder: isobaric fillers, gravity fillers and hot fillers, both mechanical level and electronic volumetric versions, including the weight filling solution.
  • The fillers in the Flextronic range can be configured in Xfill version: this means that the carbonating or mixing unit tank will be used as a buffer tank for the filler, which no longer has the product tank on board.
  • Innovative and quick-change-over system
  • Hygiene
    • Overpressure sterile air cabins with contamination control equipped with HEPA filters.
    • The transfer module and filler are pre-set for CIP/COP/SIP operations: a guarantee of the highest hygiene standards.
    • Solutions for the contamination reduction of preforms and caps.
    • Filling area protected by a Mini-Enclosure (isolator technology) for sensitive product handling.

Cap handling solutions
Cap handling solutions - 2
Depending on the different operating conditions, we have designed different solutions:
It is a gravitational cap feeding system designed to guarantee the highest efficiency of the Sincro Bloc versions, according to the most advanced state-of-the-art.
The caps arrive already oriented to the top of the feeder and descent by simple gravity to cap chutes, without compressed air (clean feeding).
Twin/single Hopper
The Twin Hopper is composed of two cap hoppers and relevant descent channel to the pick and place. In the event of a blockage on the first, the system passes automatically to the second, allowing the operator to remove the blockage without stopping the capping operations until the machine is empty.
When using a single type of cap the single hopper with reverse-rotation solution is available.
Flat Buffer
This is a dynamic buffer, positioned between the hopper and the pick and place,
and is composed of an horizontal rotating disk where a sufficient number of oriented caps is hold to guarantee an accumulation that allows the operator to clear the blockage and completely empty the system.

The innovative features of Sipa linear blowers and fillers, combined with the high level of hygiene typical of Sincro Bloc systems, make thissolution perfectly suitable for most products: still or carbonated beverages, cold or hot filled sensitive products with or without pulps,  as well as premium products requiring weight filling.

SFL 4/4 3 6,400 (1L) Flextronic (S, SC, SE, W), Isofill, Stillfill Evo
SFL 6/6 3 9,000 (1L) Flextronic (S, SC, SE, W), Isofill, Stillfill Evo
SFL 6/6 SS 1 10,,200 (1L) Flextronic (S, SC, SE, W), Isofill, Stillfill Evo
SFL 4/3 XL 5 3,750 (5L) BIgfill
SFL 6/4 XL 5 4,800 (5L) BIgfill
SFL 6/6 XXL 5 6,600 (5L) BIgfill
SFL 4/2 XL 12 2,400 (5L) BIgfill
SFL 6/3 XL 12 3,600 (5L) BIgfill
SFL 6/4 XXL 12 4,000 (5L) BIgfill

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