Sincro Bloc

Integrated bottle blowing and filling compact solutions for PET bottles

Sincro Bloc is the integration of bottles blowing/filling and capping equipments in a single system. It combines the highest output with the maximum container quality keeping reduced footprint, simplicity and hygiene. Sincro Bloc holds the state-of-the-art technology available today on the market in terms of preform treatment, blowing, bottle movement, filling, capping and automation.
The innovative features of Sipa blowers and fillers combined with the “hygiene” concept of Sincro Bloc, make this solution perfectly suitable for all kinds of products: still and carbonated, cold fill and hot fill, with and without pulps, sensitive products (including C.S.D. without preservatives) and those which require weight filling. Sincro Bloc is the most suitable solution for the treatment of extreme lightweight bottles.
Sincro Bloc eliminates air conveyors between blower and filler, rinser, reduces the number of operators and overall consumptions. All these features and advantages make Sincro Bloc one of the best solutions both in terms of capex and as a guarantee of general TCO reduction.
Sipa has gathered a long experience in Sincro Bloc systems, since its first introduction in the year 2000, and in the year 2009 was a pioneer in the introduction of a further extention of Sincro Bloc concept: the Sincro TriBloc that integrates bottle blowing, labelling, filling and capping in a single system, up to the most recent disruptive innovation the Xtreme Sincro Cube: the ultimate solution in process integration that combines preform production (XTREME rotary injection-compression preform molding system), bottle blowing, and filling and capping.