Continuous pasteurization unit

XTherm is a compact pasteurizing plant (assembled on a skid) for the automatic thermal treatment of the finished beverage: the system uses the latest technologies in the field of pasteurization; the pasteurization phase takes place by reaching and maintaining the temperature of the product to be treated, while the flow rate is kept constant by using sanitary centrifugal pumps controlled by inverter.


  • Highest final product standards in terms of quality, accuracy and repeatability.
  • Extremely flexible solution suitable for Hot Fill, CDS and mixed lines.
  • Fully automatic process controlled by a PC, menu-based 15-inch touch-screen operator control panel.
  • Frequency-controlled pumps.
  • Highly hygienic design concept, for easy cleaning and to provide the highest levels of sanitation in the equipment.

Main features and advantages

  • The whole system is designed to be fully sanitized up to a temperature of 98 ° C
  • N. 1 product buffer tank at atmospheric pressure, vertically mounted cap. 500 l
  • All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel 1.4401 (AISI316).
  • Tubolar or plate heat exchangers.
  • Fully automatic operation machine controlled by PLC unit, complete with operator interface panel in touch-screen mode (mounted on the front of the switchboard).
  • Sanitary backpressure valves for maintaining positive pressures.

Additional equipments:
  • Volumetric pumps
  • Degassing station
  • Homogeniser
  • Buffer tank before filler.
  • Rework tank
  • Digital recording of the main parameter involved in process preparation: FDA 21 CFR part 11

  • Range ability on max. production: 1 ÷ 3 (plate version) 1 ÷ 2 (tubolar version).
  • Pasteurization temperature up to 98°C.
  • Filler supply temperature min ÷ max: 80 … 90°C.
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5°C or better (steady conditions).
  • Flow rate accuracy: ±1 % i.v or better (steady conditions).

The inlet product to the buffer storage tank, reaches the solution heating stage through a centrifugal or volumetric pump.
The heating of the solution is obtained in two steps, one thanks to the energy recovery of the heat exchanger and the other with the aid of a hot-water circuit .
Achieving and controlling of the pasteurization temperature occurs with the aid of a hot water circuit which allows a much more responsive and accurate temperature control, avoiding the problems related to the exchanger’s fouling.
The final stabilisation is carried out within the holding stage piping. The solution cool down in two steps, one thanks to the energy recovery of the heat exchanger, and the other with the aid of cold water which controls the filler inlet temperature.
In case of hot filling cooling of the returning product from the filler, takes place in two steps using tower water and cold water in order to achieve the desired recycling temperature, and it could be recovered in a scrap recovery tank.


Depending on the final use it can be provided both in plates or tubular configuration.
  • PCF Plate version for cold filling
  • TCF Tubolar version for cold filling
  • PHF Plate version for hot filling
  • THF Tubolar version for hot filling
  • PC Plate version for carbonated beverages


Juices (with our without pulps), isotonics and functional beverages.

Xtherm 12 Up to 12,000 l/h
Xtherm 27 Up to 27,000 l/h
Xtherm 34 Up to 34,000 l/h
Xtherm 42 Up to 42,000 l/h
Xtherm 54 Up to 54,000 l/h
Xtherm 66 Up to 66,000 l/h

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