CIP sanitizing unit

Variclean is a compact unit (on skid assembly) used to wash all the process unit involved in the foodstuff preparation. The module is available both fully automatic and semi-automatic, from the heating stage to the measuring of cleaning fluids and disinfectants, and from the cleaning cycle to the rinsing for the removal of reagents.


  • Our solution has been designed to comply with the strictest food hygiene standards, with great attention to operators safety.
  • Extremely flexible solutions suitable for Hot Fill, CSD and multipurpose lines.
  • Reliable solution with a modular concept: the type of machine and a variable number of tanks guarantee a perfect match of each production requirements.
  • Optimized process for timing, waste and consumption reduction.
  • Tanks and piping in stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI304), perfectly suitable for the most part cleaning fluids.
  • Skid assembly extremely compact and ergonomic, this allows installation time reduction and eases the maintenance activities.

Main features and advantages

  • Recovery / preparation tank for washing solution Capacity: from 2000 to 6000 l.
  • Type of solution heating used: saturated steamor electrical coils.
  • Type of heat exchanger: Pleated tubular made in AISI316 stainless steel.
  • In line injection of sterilising agent by using an electronic dosing pump
  • Fully automatic operation machine controlled by PLC unit, complete with operator interface panel in touch-screen mode (mounted on the front of the switchboard).

  • Caustic Soda or Nitric acid concentration: 1 ÷ 3 %.
  • Sterilising solution concentration: 0,2 ÷ 1 %.
  • Temperature control: +/- 2 °C

The water is automatically loaded in the preparation tank according with the level probes.
Heating is obtained by re-circulation of the washing solution on the tubular heat exchanger and in the meantime the temperature is controlled with a PID loop and a modulating valve.
The concentration of the washing solution is controlled by a conductivity meter fitted on the recirculation / return pipeline to ensure an accurate and repeatable control.
The concentration of the sterilising solution is obtained by using an electronic dosing pump driven by the flow meter fitted on delivery pipeline to ensure an accurate and repeatable control.
The CIP plant is also equipped with automatic valves needed for the preparation, washing and rinsing cycles required by the sanitizing recipe.

A complete CIP cycle provides:
Rinsing with treated water at ambient temperature for a period of time of 10’.
Hot sanitizing by using a chemical solution, with a concentration 1 ÷ 3 % for 20’.
Rinsing with treated water at decreasing temperature for the time required to remove the reagents from the downstream units or till the end of the cooling of the same.
Flooding of the downstream units by using treated water and sterilizing solution at ambient temperature with a concentration 0,2 ÷ 2 %.
Depending on the number of tanks and type of sanitizing process, the above sequence can be modified accordingly.

At start up, the cleaning cycle is freely selectable, the operator may select, create washing cycles with partial phases, the same way the operator can change the washing time, concentration, flow, pressure etc...
Using the HMI installed on the electrical cabinet the machine can store and retrieve many different cleaning recipes ensuring the maximum flexibility to the end user.


STANDARD: Depending on the final use it can be provided both in semi-automatic or fully automatic configuration, with a variable number of tanks from 1 to 4.

TWIN: solutions with 2 streams, designed toclean two filling lines at the same time

SC (self cleaning): CIP integrated on theexternal product tank of the electronic filler oron the Carbo-MW skid


The sanitizing unit can be designed according to the product to be handled on the line, therefore it can be used for any kind of field: beverage, food and chemicals.

Variclean 12 Up to 12,000 l/h
Variclean 27 Up to 27,000 l/h
Variclean 34 Up to 34.000 l/h
Variclean 42 Up to 42.000 l/h
Variclean 54 Up to 54.000 l/h
Variclean 66 Up to 66.000 l/h