Refurbishment, conversion


Our flexible conversion and refurbishment services help you make the most of your tooling. For example, our LongLife service extends the life of preform mold cold halves up to 8 million cycles before first maintenance is needed.
We also provide a mold audit service to assess the quality of our customers' preforms over time and schedule the needed servicing procedures. SIPA's audits help you identify efficiency losses along the production line and make the right improvements to keep performance high and optimize your investment plans.
When refurbishing molds, SIPA can provide:
  • Improved cooling for neck rings
  • Improved cooling for cavities
  • Two-piece cavities
  • Extra-resistant materials


  • Longer life cycle
  • Better preform quality
  • Productivity increase
  • Lightweighting opportunities
  • Raw materials saving
  • Compatibility with both new and legacy tooling
  • Flexible range of treatments and costs


Refurbishing programs forCOLD HALVES:
Completed on site to reduce downtime and shipping expenses, or in one of SIPA's dedicated service centers for more comprehensive service, our programs aim to restore mold performance and part quality without changing the preform shape.
  • Short term flash reduction re-work (metallizing) of neck rings only
  • Preload recovery rework of neck rings, lock rings, and cavities
  • Like-new mold quality recovery provides a new mold warranty, replaces the neck rings with new ones, cleans and polishes molding surfaces, and refurbishes the mold shoe, including new wear plates and gibs on the stripper plate

SIPA has theknow-how and capability to refurbish hot runners of any generation, whather they use the Solid Skirt or the so-calledUltra design. We also offer three flexible programs for hot runners:
  • Basic, which assures preventive maintenance
  • Intermediate for a mid-line restoration
  • Complete, to fully restore hot runners to like-new condition

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