Injection tooling for PET preforms and blowing moulds: solutions for life

SIPA's experience and expertise in PET bottle production extends throughout the entire process to include injection and blowing moulds as well as machines. And it's all about helping the customer to make a better preform or bottle, more cost effectively.

SIPA provides complete preform moulds for any PET machine up to 200 cavities, cold half for existing hot half, hot half for existing cold half; furthermore, we provide conversions of existing moulds (full or partial kits), molds spare parts and complete refurbishment service. To ensure top quality, every SIPA mould is tested before shipping on dedicated XFORM machines. Many different applications are available, even the most specialised ones, from narrow neck to wide mouths and thick walls.

SIPA supplies blow moulds for the beverage, food and consumer goods industry. They can be designed to fit most of the major brands of re-heat stretch-blow molding machines. SIPA produces aluminum and stainless steel moulds for any application and any shape of container (round, oval, square, complex shaped), and with a wide variety of engravings and decorations.