Bottle production systems

Single-stage and two-stage PET bottles manufacturing systems: versatility and performance

The manufacture of PET containers can be made with a 1-step or a 2-step process. The 1-step process, based on the concept of integrating the preform injection process with the preform stretch-blowing process, results in a container obtained directly from plastic resin in a single machine. The 2-step process features the manufacture of plastic containers in two separate stages: first preforms are injection molded on an injection machine and then are re-heated and stretch-blown on a blowing machine.

SIPA has held a unique position in the market as the sole manufacturer supplying both 1-step and 2-step solutions as well as injection and blowing molds for SIPA and non SIPA machines. SIPA has always maintained the objective of serving its customers in the broadest and most responsive way and, by offering the full range of solutions for container production, we are able to support customers with expert advice on the most suitable system to satisfy their specific needs.

Our solutions for the production of PET containers include high-speed rotary blowmolding systems, the XTRA range, linear blowmolding systems, the highly flexible SFL range of machines as well as high-speed 1-step systems, the ECS FX and medium low-speed 1-step systems, the ECS SP range.
To complete our range of solutions, we design and produce in-house blowing molds to fit our systems as well as most of the major brands of stretch blow molder machines and we offer a complete service of container design and prototyping.