Case histories


XIWANG FOODSTUFFS chooses SIPA to engineer and blow cob-shaped bottles with integral handles for corn oil

If you go shopping for corn oil in China, there’s no mistaking bottles from Xiwang Foodstuffs. The major Binzhou-based edible oil supplier recently started putting its product in PET bottles shaped like corn cobs.

SIPA made the engineering of the bottle design based on the original shape received from customer side, optimizing the stretch ratio, the body and the corner area around the handle.

The 3L and 5L bottles, with their integral handles, are blown on SIPA’s SFL 4/2 XL equipment, specially designed for larger containers. SIPA also produced the moulds, at its dedicated state-of-the-art facility in Hangzhou.

The handle has a custom 'in-mold' design: it is injection molded separately and inserted in a special blow mold; the bottle is then blown around it. In this way, the handle is fully integrated with the bottle for a better handling and pouring experience. The bottles weigh (without the handles) 155g and 175g respectively.

Bottle caps have also been customized. With their curvaceous shapes, they are in perfect harmony with the bottles and also make it easier to open and close the containers.

Xiwang Foodstuffs is part of the Xiwang Group, which also makes corn sugar (a third branch produces special steels). The importance of both divisions was recognized several years ago when the China Food Industry Association nominated them "China corn oil city" and “China sugar capital.”