Case histories


XFORM succeeded at FLUID FORMS

Californian converter Fluid Forms Inc. has had to think again about where to go to get the best in PET preform injection molding. It used to believe there was only one way to go, and that involved taking a trip to Canada. But not so long ago it was persuaded to take a SIPA XFORM 350 for the first time. It was so impressed that it now says it won’t be the last SIPA system it invests in.

“We were very critical in our assessment of the XFORM 350, but it came through with flying colors,” says General Manager Robert Mauricio. From its operations in Colton, CA, Fluid Forms serves multiple markets such as water, carbonated beverages, flavored beverages, alcoholic beverages, and food products. In operation for eight years, the company molds preforms and also produces bottles, always operating with state-of-the-art equipment.

“We always ensure that our customers receive premium products that meet and exceed quality and performance standards,” says Robert . Fluid Forms is currently using the XFORM 350 to produce 72-g preforms for a 1.75-liter margarita mixer bottle, as well as 28.5-g preforms for 12-ounce HPP (High Pressure Processing, a form of low-temperature pasteurization) bottles. Both of these have 38-mm necks. Output is 22,530 preforms per hour for the 72-g preforms and 27,284/h for the 28.5-g preforms.

“We are now working with SIPA on developing preforms in the region of 70 to 78 g with a 33-mm Kerr finish for our growing liquor bottle business,” says Robert. Fluid Forms chose SIPA, not only because of the high performance of the XFORM 350, but also because of its in-depth industry knowledge, strong customer service, and competitive pricing, “SIPA has been a great partner, standing by us in the development of complex bottles and containers that most convertors avoid.

It has consistently exceeded our expectations in helping us design new bottles and of course with its equipment. Their support especially on sales side is exceptional as Mr Remos has been very instrumental in many ways to introduce new technologies us”. “The high throughput of the system and its two-stage injection system makes the XFORM 350 a perfect match for our needs. The toggle clamping is amazingly fast and precise, which translates into high-quality preforms and improved margins for us. The added bonus is SIPA’s talented technical team and its training programs for our staff. “We are looking forward to our next system!”