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Wild waters in a premium package thanks to SIPA

Innovative Finnish drinks company Finn Spring has returned to SIPA for design development and engineering of its latest bottle, for a spring water called Villi. SIPA has also supplied the molds to make the containers.

Packaging for Villi spring water is very special, with a simple shape enriched by a completely customized texture reminiscent of the bark of Finnish birch trees. The texture is also nuanced to provide a slight haze, giving a truly unique touch to “the world's wildest packaging.”

Villi is Finnish for wild, let it be known!

Bottle production is carried out on an SFR8 rotary stretch-blow molding system that Finn Spring has been using for over ten years; and on an SFR6 Sincro coupled to an Isofill filling unit, which Finn Spring took delivery of last year. Finn Spring also has two linear SFL 4/4 units, used on other projects.

Finn Spring puts Villi spring water in bottles made from 100% recycled PET – a first in Finland. The bottles, which are of course recyclable, are produced in three sizes: the SFR6 Sincro makes smaller bottles, 330mL and 500mL, while the SFR8 produces bottles sized 1500mL. The water is offered in still and carbonated versions.

One of our responsible choice is that we compensate the carbon foot print of Villi entirely by investing in emission free energy projects.

That’s why Villi bottled waters are produced using only renewable energy. Electricity that Finn Spring buys is produced by domestic wind power and approved by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation; the company also produces solar energy with its own solar panels.

Finn Spring, which is a family business, says Villi was created together with two generations, “for family company responsibility and caring for the environment have always been an integral part of the worldview.
Our goal of ensuring the availability of clean spring water for future generations is crystallized in Villi.”