Case histories



Everything is on a large scale at JSC Plastikse. Company located close to Vilnius in Lithuania and is the one of the biggest PET converters in the Baltic region. Among the wide range of PET packaging supplied for different markets, it makes two- and four-litre PET jars with wide mouths, to be filled with body- building supplements and sports nutrition.

It makes them on two ECS SP 80 injection-stretch-blow molding (ISMB) units that SIPA installed this year. Production of the four-litre PET jars with 120-mm necks and weighing 140g as well as two-litre jars 100-mm necks weighing 90g are produced in a very short cycle time.

JSC Plastikse has been in business since 2000, positioning itself at the forefront of packaging products manufacturing for beverage, food, cosmetic, chemical, and medical industries worldwide. “We pride ourselves on innovation and providing customers with high-quality customized products, services, and flexibility. Nowadays, a supplement product's packaging is more demanding than ever, the people are taking care about their body and health much more than before. We happy to place on the market the new kind of product which is fully designed for recycling and made by using the 100% green energy recovered from renewable resources and solar panels we have installed on factory roof” – says company GM Leonid Sterlin.

The ECS SP 80 machine can produce containers with neck finishes up to 130-mm in diameter. Various special features make it possible to produce containers with optimal material distribution. For example, the conditioning system provides a preform thermal profile based on the bottle specification. Just like the smaller ECS SP 25, it was designed with high-speed production in mind, using hydraulics when large forces are required and servo electric drives for fast movements. This combination is very energy efficient, helping the machines achieve a small carbon footprint.

Both the ECS SP 80 and SP 25 accept molds not only made by SIPA, but also others originally designed to run on equipment from other brands.