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SIPA line for Quilmes is tops for Pepsi in Argentina

Leading Argentine drinks supplier Quilmes is a star performer for PepsiCo, and SIPA can take much of the credit. Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes, headquartered in the city of the same name, just outside Buenos Aires, is not only Argentina’s biggest beer producer by a distance, but it is also the local franchisee for PepsiCo.

For the last five years, it has been running a complete SIPA bottle production and filling line at its plant in Corrientes, 1000 km to the north of Buenos Aires, for production of a wide range of Pepsi soft drinks in various formats. And it has been running the line so well, that also Pepsi has twice crowned it as the most efficient of any franchisee in the world.

The SIPA line starts with an SFR 16 EVO rotary stretch-blow molding unit, and finishes with a Genius PTF/4 palletizer. In between, there is a Massblend 40 mixer/carbonator, an Isotronic P filling bloc, an ACP cap feeder, an SPF stretch wrapper, a 06 RP TR14 strapping machine, and various pack conveyors. The line produces, fills and packs three sizes of bottle: 500 mL, 1500 mL, and 2250 mL. Drinks coming off the line at a rate of up to 48,000 bottles per hour include Pepsi, Pepsi Light, 7up, and Mirinda, as well as flavored waters.
SIPA Magazine met Ricardo Morales, Project Director at Quilmes a short while ago, so we asked him a few questions.

SIPA Magazine: Quilmes has been running a complete bottling line from SIPA for some years, and we understand it is operating very well. What would you say are its main advantages?
Ricardo Morales: First of all, we can say that the efficiency of the line reaches such high levels that for two years in a row it has been rated the most efficient of any Pepsi bottler worldwide. The integration capabilities of SIPA, together with the high level of technology in the machines that make up the line, allow us to supply our customers in a timely fashion, with a container of the highest quality, respecting the highest standards of hygiene.
The simplicity of format changes on the line allows us to support a market in continual evolution ... we can offer our flagship products in the most popular flavours and formats, according to consumer requirements.
In addition, SIPA machines that make up the line help us to reduce our consumption of energy and water, since they are designed with a great attention to the environment being this focus fundamental and entirely shared by Quilmes.

SIPA Magazine: How do you rate your relationship with SIPA?
Ricardo Morales: Our relationship with SIPA goes back many years, and it is an open one built on mutual trust. SIPA collaborates with Quilmes in a joint project, it strives for our satisfaction just as we do, and it is committed to keeping the product that we distribute at the highest quality levels. We can say that SIPA is not just a supplier, but a partner who understands our needs and helps us to achieve and maintain the innovative content of our brand.

SIPA Magazine: Would you choose SIPA for another project?
Ricardo Morales: Yes, I would without doubt. SIPA it’s among the trusted providers that we would choose for another production line. We are pleased with the results so far obtained.

Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes is one of the largest beverage companies in the region and has been operating in Argentina since the 19th century. Founded in 1890 by Otto Bemberg, a German immigrant, it is now part of the Argentine landscape and culture. Its blue and white colors are the same as the Argentine flag, and Quilmes is one of the major sponsor of the national football team.
The Company has a staff of 5,278 employees at its Corporate Center, 11 plants, 9 distribution centers and 9 lines of direct sales. It also has a network of 192 independent distributors. Every year, Quilmes sells around 17 million hL of beer and 8 million hL of soft drinks. Quilmes is now part of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer.