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SIPA collaborates with GUZZINI on RE-GENERATION project

Fratelli Guzzini, an Italian company famous for its designer items used around home, has been branching out with products for use on the go. With a keen eye on the Circular Economy, this summer it launched a new family of containers called Re-Generation, made mostly with post-consumer recycled plastics. SIPA has helped it with this important step towards a more sustainable future.

Rounded shapes and pastel colours feature in this collection of multi-use, multi-trip, machine-washable, fully recyclable bowls, boxes and bottles suitable for storing in the fridge and freezer, and for reheating in the microwave when called for.

Single-stage system

The bowls and boxes are injection molded, but the 600-mL bottle – what Italians call a borraccia – is injection-stretch-blow molded using at least 50% post-consumer recycled PET, rPET. Guzzini is making it on a newly-supplied single-stage ESC SP25 system from SIPA. Guzzini also called on SIPA to help it with design & engineering, as well as prototyping, of preform and finished bottle, based on a concept from the bottle designer, Spalvieri & Del Ciotto.

Experience in processing rPET

In recent years, SIPA has accumulated considerable experience in the development of preforms and containers made of recycled material. This, together with the extreme precision of the ECS SP25, has enabled the partners in the project to create a unique product, with an attractive design and impeccable performance.

Attention to detail

As is typical for this type of bottle, it has a fairly wide mouth (43mm diameter) to make it easier to fill, drink from, and to clean. The bottle has an overall design that is beautiful in its simplicity, and yet full of unique features. For example, to retain the minimalistic nature of the overall shape, the decision was made to create a preform without the usual support ledge just below the neck. The neck itself was also given a custom design, conceived and engineered by SIPA’s design experts specifically for this project.

These are just details, but they were fundamental in retaining the bottle’s super-clean lines, and are a mark of the extreme care and attention that went into creating the finished product.