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SIPA bottling lines for the precious water of Lake Baikal

SIPA's fruitful collaboration with BAIKALSEA Company continues with the installation of two complete bottling lines for the company in Irkutskdi.The precious natural waters of Lake Baikal, the largest and deepest lake in the world, are bottled in premium bottles that satisfy the thirst of consumers in the country. The famous Baikal water, which is positioned in the premium segment, is offered in various product lines: BAIKAL PEARL natural water, BAIKAL RESERVE sparkling mineral water and BAIKAL430 deep Baikal water.

The first SIPA line includes an EVO SFR-12 blow molding machine, the Isofill P filling monobloc and Genius PTF palletizing unit, together with various other elements supplied by partner companies. Depending on the size of the bottle, production can reach 24,000 bottles per hour.

SIPA has also installed a second complete line for filling glass bottles. "BAIKALSEA Company is particularly satisfied with the work of SIPA in the design of the containers", says Karina Sokhova, Sales Manager for SIPA in Moscow. "Together we have created many new formats."

BaikalSea Company sells water with several different brand names in PET bottles ranging in size all the way from 330 mL up to 2 L. Vyechaslav Bulatov, BAIKALSEA Company’s production director, says his company chose SIPA as its partner for its optimal ratio of quality to price. “During the project study phase and in the bidding process, SIPA showed interest in taking on projects, giving attention to the individual requirements of each of our brands,” he tells us. “SIPA’s specialists provided us with some very useful and novel recommendations.” SIPA’s Sokhova adds: “Obviously our key strengths are in PET bottle making and filling, but with BAIKALSEA Company we were also very well positioned to help them with the glass line, including several components produced by us in-house for tasks like bottle depalletization, filling, inspection, labeling, and packaging. “We were able to include an innovative feature that enables a single robotic palletization system to operate simultaneously for both lines, PET and glass.

“Meanwhile, back at the beginning of the PET bottling line, operators appreciate how easy it is to use the SFR-12 EVO, especially setting it up for new recipes to produce high-quality bottles.” BAIKALSEA Company is very aware of its debt to nature for its success in bottling water from the lake, so it takes great care to be as friendly as it can to the environment. SIPA technology helps here too, with such features as recovery of heated air as a means of saving energy. Water bottled by BAIKALSEA Company finds its way to consumers by numerous routes, via large and small retailers, hotels and restaurants. “Lake Baikal is one of the national symbols of Russia,” says Marketing Director Roman Gvozdinsky. “The image of Lake Baikal is one of the strongest and easily recognizable images in the country and abroad, symbolizing eternal values, which everyone can relate to and understand.”