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SINCRO TRIBLOC HELPS AJE GROUP out of a tight corner for water launch

South American drinks giant Ajegroup is one of a growing number of companies using Sipa’s innovative Sincro Tribloc fully integrated system for blow moulding, labelling, filling and capping PET bottles.
Ajegroup installed the very compact, highly efficient unit at its Ajecol subsidiary in Bogotá, Colombia, last year, for the production of Agua Cielo PET bottles for mineral water. The Sincro-TriBloc provided the company with a fault-free local launch of its “Agua Cielo” non-sparkling mineral water. The 0.5 and 1.5-L bottles come out the machine at rates of up to 24,000 bottles per hour.
Even before the new installation, Ajegroup was a good customer of Sipa’s. It has several SFR blowmolding machines installed at its plants in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Thailand. Furthermore 3 complete bottling lines are active in Peru, Brazil and Ecuador.
A key reason why Aje chose the Sincro-TriBloc was because of its small footprint, since space at the Bogotá plant was at a premium.
The Sincro TriBloc provides significant savings in space, and also in investment and running costs and in energy consumption. Because it does away with several costly elements found in traditional lines, the Sincro TriBloc’s space requirement is down by a massive 55% compared with a standard line.
Ajegroup was founded by the Anaños family in Ayacucho, Peru in 1988 and is now headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Dedicated to the production, distribution and sale of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, it is now present in over 20 countries on three continents and has some 12,000 employees. It is best known for its Big Cola and KR brands and has also had major success with other flavoured drinks and mineral water. Its portfolio now also includes juices, nectars, energy drinks, dairy products, and beer. In all, it sells something like three billion liters of beverages every year around the world.
Ajegroup is present in over 20 countries on three continents.
Put another way, the company sells close to 50 million bottles a day, or 34,722 bottles every minute, according to its most recent calculations! It continues to grow, thanks to expansion into new markets, such as Brazil, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, and also by positioning its brand in strategic locations. It is an advertising partner for FC Barcelona – probably the best football club in the world today – and also for football associations in England: F.A.Cup (the older cup in the world) , F.A. England and in Asian markets.
This year, the company expects to grow 20% in local markets and 40% in Asia, even without adding any new capacity - Carlos Añaños, vice president for administration and finance of the company, says 2011 is “a year of consolidation and strengthening.” But he is aiming high for the future. He wants Ajegroup to be one of the top 20 brand owners in the world by 2020.