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POLYOAK puts more faith in SIPA with new investment in XFORM and SFL for PET preforms and bottles production in South Africa

One of southern Africa’s top rigid plastics packaging suppliers has once again chosen PET processing technology specialist SIPA for an important investment in equipment for production of preforms and bottles. Few months ago, Cape Town based Polyoak Packaging has bought two additional last generation preforms systems and two stretch-blow molding systems for production of various sizes of containers for cold drinks. The blowmolders can produce a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes.

The South African company picked the systems for their high reliability and low cost of maintenance and excellent energy efficiency, backed up by SIPA’s capability to support it in development of special containers. Polyoak now has numerous SIPA injection molding systems for production of PET preforms, as well as stretch-blow molding systems. SIPA equipment fits well with Polyoak’s philosophy of producing small lots of containers for many customers. This means that it needs to be able to change molds quickly and efficiently—something that SIPA preform injection molding and bottle stretch-blow molding equipment is well suited for.

“This latest order from our long-standing customer Polyoak Packaging is further confirmation that SIPA is the ideal match for a company active in numerous niche markets, and which requires a partner who can provide the highest level of technology, with which it can cooperate on packaging development, and which lives for innovation,” says Giovanni De Rosa, at SIPA.

Polyoak is the biggest packaging converter in South Africa, with over 30 manufacturing plants around the country (as well as in neighbouring Namibia). Its PET bottle production operations are looked after by its Polypet division, which has been using SIPA equipment for ten years. SIPA has also been given the job of converting some existing preform tooling for the production of new preforms.

Once again, it is in an ideal position to take on this responsibility, having its own mold conversion and refurbishing business as well as a major capability to design and produce original injection and stretch-blow molds. Four years ago, SIPA strengthened its position in southern Africa with the establishment of a sales and assistance center in Cape Town. From there, highly qualified technicians make regular visits to Polyoak operations in Cape Town itself, as well as in Johannesburg, Durban and in neighbouring countries.

Privately-owned Polyoak Packaging has been in business for over 40 years, producing a wide range of rigid plastics packaging. With manufacturing and distribution operations in several countries across southern Africa, it has divisions specializing in the design and manufacture of blow moulded, injection moulded, compression moulded, and thermoformed plastic packaging for the dairy, beverage, food and industrial markets. The company prides itself on excellent product quality with international certification for food safety and quality management.