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Nektar gains XTRA inspiration to make more bottles

“SIPA’s people inspired us with confidence. This is the reason we chose this company to supply us with the machine we needed.” That’s George Kourtidis speaking, owner of Nektar G. Kourtidis Bros. SA in Serres, Greece, the proud owner of a new XTRA 6 rotary stretch-blow molding machine.

Mr. Kourtidis says he and his colleagues gained their inspiration when they paid SIPA a visit several months ago to check out its offering. “The proximity to our facilities was another reason to choose SIPA, because we believe that in case of problem they will respond quickly,” he adds.

Nektar is using the XTRA 6 to produce PET soft drink bottles in various shapes and sizes – from 280mL up to 1.5L – at high speed and with low energy consumption. Output is up to 15,000 bottles per hour, which would normally require a machine with eight molds. The XTRA 6 does it with – you guessed – just six. On top of that, molds can be changed quickly when Nektar needs to switch production from one bottle size to another.

Nektar has made a name for itself over the years – George Kourtidis Senior founded the company in 1935 and it began bottling in PET almost 30 years ago – winning awards for several of its fruit-flavored drinks. It sells throughout Greece, as well as neighboring countries and even into Germany.