Squeezable Ketchup bottes

Squeezable Ketchup bottes

Main features:

  • Cost effective alternative to aseptic packaging
  • 12 months shelf life with oxygen scavengers
  • Attractive design
  • Standard labelling
  • Squeezable bottles
  • Do not deform during hot-filling process
  • Can be produced at high output with a rotary blowmolding machine equipped for hot-fill process.


The target was to create a bottle shape for ketchup capable to withstand a hot filling process being a cost effective alternative to aspeptic filling. Major brands as Heinz has recently put their ketchup in PET
bottles with the aid of oxygen scavengers and filled in aseptic. Aseptic is recognised as an expensive process due to the very strict CIP (Clear in Place) procedures because the growth of microrganisms
at room temperature is very high and high is also the risk of contamination. The bottling line has to be manifactured in order to avoid dead spots and must be made of polished stailess steel (eg. AISI 316)
meaning that the surface must be smooth. All of these precautions increase very much the cost of the plant and its maintenance in comparison to almost standard hot fill process.

Development & challenges

Hot fillable ketchup bottles created by SIPA withstands the cooling of the product with related volume reduction and partial vacuum. Normally, with classical long neck bottle shape, when the bottle collapses, the label becomes partly or completely unstuck.
FEM Analysis shows that the bottle designed by SIPA does not deform with hot filling process and stays in shape afterwards, preventing “label crinkling” (unsticking of label).

Results & Packaging Features

First test: multilayer APP preform (30g)
  • No delamination 
  • Resisted to ketchup filling temperature (85°C + 2°)
  • Panel behaved as forseen in FEM analysis 

Second test: Blend (PET + oxigen scavenger) + preform dwg 28g
  • No delamination 
  • Resisted to filling temperature 
  • Behaved as forseen in FEM analysis 
  • Field experiment
Results & Packaging Features
Weight: 28-30g
- Height = 171mm
- Max Diameter = 79mm
- Min Diameter = 57mm
Volume: 500mL
Neck Finish: 38mm
Filling Temperature: 85°C ± 2°

These are the most significant machines for this application

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