Dressing Sauce Container

Dressing Sauce Container

Main features:

This packaging gives you the following advantages:

  • Conversion from HDPE to PET
  • 10g lighter vs original bottle (HDPE: 24.5g, PET: 14.5g)
  • Transparent
  • More appeal to customer
  • Squeezable, easier handling
  • Freedom on design, better aesthetic
  • Better barrier properties
  • Optimized base structure; base contains orientation feature to correctly orientate during high-speed filling and labeling


The target was to develop a new container shape for a vinegar glaze. The new packaging was requested to be more appealing and also squeezable for a better handling by the fi nal customer.
Conversion from HDPE to PET was done to improve aesthetic, to be free to create new shape and to enhance mechanical and barrier performances.
Conversion from HDPE to PET

Development and Challenges

All started reviewing existing HDPE design: the HDPE bottle was opaque with no glossiness nor shiny effect. Also transparency was an issue because the content was not visible.
HDPE is rigid and the container was diffi cult to squeeze, moreover its mechanical features don’t allow freedom in shape creation. The conversion to PET overcame all the limits of the old material allowing for the creation of an attractive shape with shiny and transparent surface, easy to handle and to squeeze for easiness in gastronomic preparation.
No special blow-moulding issues occurred and only special attention was paid on orientation features of the champagne base.

Results and Packaging Features

The new original design for gastronomic glazes with more attractive look was produced on SFL4/4 2-step machine, productivity 1,500 bhc, with preforms provided by the customer.
Results and Packaging Features
Weight: 14.5g
Volume: 205ml
- Height = 159.4mm
- Diameters=
  • Panel Max 49mm
  • Panel Min 41mm
  • Base 52mm

Neck Finish: 28mm
Results and Packaging Features

These are the most significant machines for this application

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