Spare parts

Original spare parts guarantee the standard of quality defined by SIPA, and ensure that the performance and lifespan of the systems will remain unchanged in the medium and long term. The company is committed to guaranteeing the rapid availability of spare parts in every part of the world.
The spare parts catalogue is precise and easy to consult, and is available in the manuals supplied as an integral part of the machine. All the articles are described and identified by a code to facilitate communication between customers and warehouses.
In order to eliminate borders and distances, process orders and make deliveries of spare parts as quickly as possible, SIPA has developed a logistics process and has warehouses strategically located throughout the world and fully interconnected, to ensure capillary distribution of spare parts to customers. It has also completely re-engineered the Supply Chain, so that all orders are completed within the time foreseen, while also gaining the flexibility to respond to the delivery needs of emerging markets.
In 2008, SIPA acquired a 100% shareholding in the Berchi Group from Parma, achieving SIPA's natural vocation to provide 360° all-round solutions and bringing filling and end of line sections into SIPA as well. This means that SIPA is the only player on the market authorised to supply original Berchi spare parts, which are also certified for all machines installed prior to the merger.

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