Proper operation of every machine is based not only on care and proper use, but also on a post-sales service entrusted to experience hands. Our hands.
Proper, prompt and thorough maintenance guarantees the machine's reliability, in the interests of the customer and obviously of SIPA too, because it is only in this way that the contractual performance and safety regulations are complied with in the long term.
We believe in the importance of maintenance, and in order to achieve total customer satisfaction we offer a scheduled maintenance service, based on customised contracts, according to the model, age and working load of the machines in question. These contracts consist of regular, scheduled inspections and on requests for training programs and maintenance operations. They are only stipulated after careful analysis by specialist staff, who assess the conditions, age and use of the machine to find made-to-measure solutions. Planned maintenance reduces the overall costs measured throughout the machine's life cycle, maintaining product quality high over time.

A point of fundamental innovation in this service is the Sipa On Line support: a real time interactive connection with the machines installed all over the world, allowing remote control of the systems and collection and processing of production and efficiency data. This means that Sipa can monitor the state and productivity of the machines constantly, and take rapid action in the event of malfunctions or drops in production.

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