ECHO the technological digital platform as omnichannel touchpoint

ECHO : a digital platform as omnichannel point of contact

Digitization is a process done by people, for people. With digital technologies applied to company processes, it is possible to activate sustainable models, focused on energy recovery, waste reduction and logistics optimization; this means being fully in line with the ECO2 philosophy of respect for the environment. Every day we are immersed in an incredible flow of data that we do not use or that are not aimed at our interests and needs. Echo is a technological platform that allows access to the concepts of shared economy and offers customer access to a large amount of targeted information in real time: functions, applications and solutions that interact with data, connecting the entire ecosystem to actively create value for Customer and SIPA. Echo goes beyond the concept of a technical portal: it becomes an interchange ecosystem between SIPA, the customer with other customers and partner. The internal areas of the platform are customized according to the user's profile, the type of SIPA technology installed and the type of product being processed and data are shaped according to the end user interests and own value generation. In this way, the ecosystem creates an omnichannel interaction as the only SIPA-Customer point of contact where business operating processes become smart, intelligent and available with one click. Below are some examples of functions and thematic areas available with the new digital portfolio suite called ECHO.


Customer Lounge

Customer Lounge is the most important area of Echo, where is possible to access and share transparently data and information exchanged between SIPA and Customer. It is an unique customer experience concept built directly around the user profile, where info is contextualized and usable with a simple click. This service is tailored to the SIPA installed base and revolves around both the type of product being processed and the Customer’s production needs. Thanks to machine data sharing, the ecosystem allows Customers to profile users in order to access to duties they need to improve their production targets, such as maintenance operations and technological improvements to be applied to systems or new products, as well as making all the offers requested and received traceable and visible, identifying machine problems, requesting technical interventions, and always having user’s manuals available online, with pre-loaded spare parts lists to optimize the supply chain. But there is more: by benchmarking Customer operating modes against market standards – for example, comparing the machine efficiency KPIs with industry benchmarks – Customers can analyze every single task with the goal of producing bottles and preforms in the most efficient way possible.

Like in a real living room, the Customer Lounge is SIPA’s dedicated, personalized consultation that listens to what the Customer has to say and meets their needs.


Virtual Market Place

Inspired by the principles of the sharing economy, Echo is a place where every user is a customer and a supplier at the same time. Customers can become a supplier within the ecosystem because they have the option to purchase and sell items for SIPA machines according to the sharing economy principle. The new platform allows people to meet online, speeding up the purchase and sale of products or services. This enhances market value due to the economic and experiential advantages in terms of convenience and efficiency for the individual user. The goal of the Virtual Market Place is to remove intermediaries in trade and thus reduce system costs and waste simply by stimulating open and free sharing among users.


Packaging Design

With the Packaging Design area, SIPA overcomes the one-way nature of the Company/Customer relationship and emphasizes the generation of a value truly actual shared value between both sides. Here, users have the chance to evaluate the efficiency and functionality of the bottles produced, aiming at improving the supply chain quality and having the best containers according to their different uses or placement, e.g. in the case of supermarket shelves or refrigerator compartments. By means of a rating system, the customer can assign a score that examines different features: opening, storage, recyclability, ease of handling of the line where the label was applied, storage in the van up to placement on the shelf. Every aspect is evaluated and the user is directly involved in the process of generating corporate value, as a form of personalized and unique experience.



In Echo, the customer has a virtual space entirely at their disposal for training on products and services and for learning more about the use of SIPA machinery. With Online Training you can learn about production systems, methods and concepts both for technical updates and for increasing the personal level of skills already acquired. SIPA provides customers with all the tools they need to efficiently compete on the market.



Sharing means community, especially in the virtual environment. In the Echo ecosystem, this aspect takes on great significance because it is through comparison that content of value is created: exchanging of opinions on products, transfer of materials and discussion among the users or between users and companies help to create a virtual meeting point where people come together to express ideas, talk about business issues and find solutions. It is the digital development of the market and of social interaction 4.0.



In the Digital Revolution, the user is constantly immersed in a flow of information that they can access through their mobile devices. Echo can interact directly with the person, presenting personalized news of interest, sending targeted data and capturing their attention with dedicated inputs, built on content that is valuable for them.

Personalization is the key to hyperconnection, and in Echo each customer finds a custom built environment that reflect to their needs, in a simple, fast and intuitive way.